Civ5 is on to me, can’t find Uranium lately…


I think I found a new addiction, Endless Space.  Similar to Civ5 but in space!  Customizable ships, planets to terraform and colonize.  Alien race’s to meet or invade.  A much larger science and complicated science tree to deal with.  I guess I’m just trading conquering a planet for the universe.

Trying to keep this from keeping me awake all night, don’t want to almost miss my bus like I just did this morning.  :/

1460 A.D.

100 years of peace has strengthened our ties with Carthage as Confucianism spreads into their lands.  Arabia finally makes peace with Byzantium.  Arabia sends it’s missionaries into Chinese territory.  We ask Arabia to cease spread their religion in our cities, they agree to our requests.

1470 A.D.

We trade some of our Ivory to Arabia in exchange for Gold.  The nobles are pleased with this new resource.

1490 A.D.

Clearly we haven’t been paying attention to our eastern neighbors as Arabia has just taken Adrianople from Byzantium.

1520 A.D.

Huang has been promoted to a Special Agent for obtaining the secrets to the Printing Press from Arabia, time will tell if they are even aware it was us.

1545 A.D.

A prophet of Confucius is borne showing our people the path to wisdom.

1570 A.D.

We have met the Lord of Korea.  We quickly trade embassies and learn that they dwell some ways to the west across the ocean.

1580 A.D.

Carthage sends another large force through the mountain pass north of Beijing… again… are they really this stupid?  (Lately AI has been in dumbfuck mode)

1665 A.D.

We have met the Iroquis and trade embassies quickly, they hail from the Southwest far across the ocean.

1702 A.D.

We have adopted rationalism.  Knowledge is Power.

1110 A.D.

Confucianism spreads to Shanghai while the Barbarians attempt to strike at Nanjing.

1130 A.D.

Confucianism spreads to Guangzhou, restoring our economy.

1250 A.D.

Carthage attempts to retake Utique, their forces are beat back easily as our troops have been dug-in for centuries and know the lay of the land better then the original occupants.

1295 A.D.

After a thousand years of war, peace has come between China and Carthage.  Chinese few warriors held and pushed back the massive tide that was the Carthage legion.  Who knows how long this peace shall last… or if Carthage will attempt such treachery again…

1310 A.D.

The Elite Cho-Ko-Nu first appear within the palace guard…

1360 A.D.

Huang is recruited as a spy and immediately dispatched to Mecca to find what secrets the Arabians are keeping.

1365 A.D.

It is clear there shall be no peace with Carthage as they have just built a citadel on the border of Utique stealing land that belongs to us.  We trade embassies with Carthage to try to keep the peace between our two peoples.

10 A.D.

France has fallen to the might of the Arabian Empire.

295 A.D.

We have strengthened ties with our eastern neighbors.  The war with Carthage still rages.  Hope in this struggle is borne as Spartacus comes forth to lead our soldiers to glory.

340 A.D.

Confucius is borne and leads us to the greatness that is Confucianism.

355 A.D.

Persia ask’s us for gold, we refuse to give it to them straining our relationship.

415 A.D.

Warriors are ecstatic that the invasion has finally commenced!  We push past the remnants of the Carthage army and move in on Utique which has very little defenses.

505 A.D.

Arabia asked us to invade Persia with them, we refused again.  The citizens of Utique’s moral is fading we will have them soon.

535 A.D.

Utique has fallen and is now ours, the Carthage governor is executed and replaced with a puppet governor.

610 A.D.

Our catapults finished we move them into the battlefield, we demand Dido’s surrender.  She refuses.  The war rages on…

640 A.D.

Persia invades Arabia.  No peace with Carthage yet.

685 A.D.

Isaac Newton has been born and has plans for a new Academy to be built near Beijing.  Scholars rejoice.

790 A.D.

Carthage cannot retake Utique and we cannot push further into their lands.  Dido refuses even a fair deal.  We will not let them pass.

920 A.D.

We have sided with Persia in their conflict but have gone to open war with Arabia. Barbarians are attacking from the south but we do not see their encampment…

1010 A.D.

Friendship with Arabia, Persia and Byzantine still holding true.  Carthage refuses any sort of peace treaty.

1070 A.D.

Arabia has declared war on Byzantine.  Just what are they thinking?

1080 A.D.

We distance ourselves from Arabia.  We cannot abide such wanton aggression.

1100 A.D.

We founded Nanjing in the southern jungles and we discovered where the Barbarians were hiding.  Time to end them once and for all.

350 B.C.

Embassies in Arabia again.  Carthage has not attacked yet…

305 B.C.

It begins!  The first war of our Empire, the Carthigians went through the mountain pass north of Guanzhou to strike at Beijing.  Our army is small but our leaders assure us of victory.

We strike their archers in range near Beijing crippling that group first.  Gaunzhou strikes at the beastly War Elephants, trying to stop the massive beast’s before they can get near the city.

Carthage forces move closer to Beijing our small forces continue to strike weakening their forces.

The road to Shanghai is completed trade within our empire flourishes to the south while in the north the war still rages.

El Cid has fallen, alone with a troop of our finest warriors.  Only our archers remain to hold back the tide.  The year is 260 B.C.

Beijing is surrounded, the Empress assures our people they will not take the city.

It is clear Carthage has leadership issues.  The invading forces go straight past Beijing, believed to be attacking Shanghai now.

215 B.C.

This war has lasted nearly 100 years, and no clear winner in sight.  Carthage still has the advantage and is believed to be cutting off our Iron supply to the south.  We make a declaration of friendship with France, possibly hurting our ties with Arabia.

185 B.C.

Shortly after 100 years it is clear the invaders are done for.  They strike at Shanghai but with heavy losses are too weak to take the city.  Our archers come up on their flank and rain down death on the curr.

Ties with Byzantine and Persia are strengthened as we each declare friendship with each other.

125 B.C.

The invaders are defeated as our people rebuild the Empress declares it is time to prepare for the counterattack.  The Warrior caste rejoices!

A Carthiginian Quiquoreme appears near Guanzhou, this massive ship is built tough and will not be taken down easily.  Yet it sails right past us… what are they planning.

35 B.C.

Common folk certain that the invaders are not returning rejoice.  The first golden age begins as we rebuild our economy and army to strike back at Carthage.

1525 B.C.

Arabia ask’s us to go to war with France.  Not knowing the location or the power of the French Empire we politely decline.

1450 B.C.

We renew our friendship with Arabia, good friends are hard to find.

1250 B.C.

We have founded the city of Shanghai southeast to take advantage of the river, a rather rich Iron Deposit and El Dorado.  All Hail the Empress!

1225 B.C.

Pythagoras has explored the armies of known world and labeled us at weakest?!  We will not allow the other empires to be a threat to us.

1175 B.C.

We trade Embassies with the Byzantines to further our relationship.

1150 B.C.

We trade Embassies with France, furthering our relationship.

675 B.C.

We have found one of the Carthigian settlements to our Northwest.  Soon they shall pay for their treachery.  Arabia ask’s us again to attack France, we decline again.  This will put further strain on our relationship with Arabia.

600 B.C.

We have founded Guangzhou to our northwest to act as a deterrent to Carthagians hostility.  This will prevent any threats to Beijing and help cutoff supply from other nation’s in the east.  (LOL Not really)

575 B.C.

Carthage is unhappy with our settlement of Guanzhou, we tell them we do not take orders from them.

525 B.C.

We have met the Lord of Persia.

485 B.C.

We trade Embassies with Persia, Meanwhile a horde of soldier’s departs the borders of Carthage…

3225 B.C.

We have met the lady of Byzantine, we only hope they are as trustworthy as Arabia. Scholars have discovered the art of making parchment and scrolls, we shall record our peoples past on these from henceforth.  The chieftains have decided that all knowledge shall be shared between our scholars, a massive building shall be built just to house them.

3200 B.C.

Our tradition’s are important to our people and we honor our past.

2925 B.C.

The noblemen have taken over managing the Library for our scholars, construction appears to be moving faster.

2900 B.C.

We have accepted the messenger of the gods, Knowledge is Power!  We have met the lady of Carthage.

2825 B.C.

Our scouts just recovered a Bow from a ruined city to the north.  We shall use these device to protect ourselves.

2750 B.C.

The Barbarian incursion has gotten worse in the north, hopefully they do not come down south to Beijing anytime soon.

2650 B.C.

Dido has just insulted our Empress?!  She shall rue this day!  We have sent her the same hospitality as she has sent us.

2550 B.C.

El Cid has been born and shall lead our warriors against the barbarian incursion.

2450 B.C.

The French, they call themselves.  Here’s hoping they are nothing like the Carthigians.  (Spelling?)

2275 B.C.

The Great Library is complete and our scholars immediately discovered Iron Working we shall acquire this resource to better arm our warriors.

2150 B.C.

Pythagoras has journeyed much of our world and claims that the French are the most people of the known world.  They Byzantines are the least.

1950 B.C.

The Barbarian encampment to the south has been uprooted.  We shall settle the coastlines riverlands for the good of the empire.

1800 B.C.

Carthage has insulted our warriors, the Empress urges them not to act until she gives the order.  For now we wait.

3550 B.C.

We have formed a Warrior Caste to honor those that protect us from the barbarians outside of our home.

3435 B.C.

We have found treasures in a ruined settlement to the east.  A shrine to honor the gods has just been built in Beijing.

3375 B.C.

We have discovered El Dorado, such a magnificent city of pure gold!

3325 B.C

We have made a declaration of friendship with Arabia, let whatever evils lie in wait come forth.

3275 B.C.

Barbarians have arrived trying to steal our food, women and children.  We will only give them death.